Daryl Dixon Action Figures: Perfect Gift for a Walking Dead Fan!

dd1Daryl Dixon aka Norman Reedus – the Sexy Bad Boy We Love on Walking Dead

For many of us there is one reason that we tune into Walking Dead religiously…Ok, besides the fact that it is a great show. But the other reason is that many of us ladies are totally infatuated with Daryl Dixon. There’s something we love about that redneck bad boy. Is it the muscles? The shoulders? The scowl? Or is it the fact that no matter how hard and cold he can be one moment, the next moment he’s refusing to give up on finding Carol’s daughter, even though others have? Or he’s rocking the newborn Judith and feeding her a bottle like it was second nature after her mother dies.

Daryl Dixon is something completely different from most men we know. He’s a protector, a hunter, and a nuture-er all at the same time.

If there’s a woman in your life that is obsessed with Walking Dead she might really be obsessed with Daryl Dixon. So when the holidays come around, or her birthday, or another special event, get her a Daryl Dixon action figure as a present. If she swoons…well, it’s not really Walking Dead that she loves!

The picture you see to the left is one of my favorite Daryl Dixon action figures and you canĀ get it here on Amazon.

Realistic Daryl Dixon Action Figures

She’ll feel like he’s right beside her!

The Daryl Dixon figure above is one of my favorites but there are several action figures of Daryl Dixon to choose from. I love the realistic ones, personally. If you really want to make your girl swoon, this is what you need to get her. He looks like he could just jump right off the shelf and save you from a slew of zombies sneaking up behind you!

McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 1 – Daryl Dixon Action Figure

dd2I love the stance on this action figure – legs spread for stability, cross bow at the ready, muscles rippling…

Excuse me for a moment…my desk seems to be getting wet. Weird.

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The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Mini Action Figure Bust

dd3Although this one is a bust I still like this one because is brings out those rugged good looks. His chiseled features really stand out in this action figure of Daryl Dixon.

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Did you know…

that the character of Daryl Dixon was not even in the graphic novels that the Walking Dead series is based on? Can you imagine? What would the Walking Dead be without Daryl?

Action Figures of Daryl Dixon Can be Fun, Too

Daryl Dixon action figures don’t all have to be about his sexy looks and those awesome muscles though. I mean, that’s my preference but maybe that’s just me. LOL – ya right! But these action figures can be fun, too. Check out some of these figures that can be a great way for any Walking Dead fan to show off the love of the show – and their favorite character.

Funko POP Television: Walking Dead-Daryl

dd4This cute little figurine is only 3 and 3/4 inches high. It’s made of vinyl and is a perfect action figure for displaying on an office desk or a bedside table.

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Funko Walking Dead: Daryl Plush

dd5A plush Daryl Dixon doll is great for a bed mate or for sitting on the dresser to see first thing when you wake up in the morning. You gotta love that cute little poncho!

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Funko Walking Dead: Daryl Wacky Wobbler

dd6What’s better than a Daryl Dixon bobble head? I’d totally display this 7″ figure on my desk at work! (and now I do! My son got me this one for Christmas last year!

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Why We Love Daryl Dixon


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