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Every hero has an antagonist and Angelique Bouchard is most certainly the latter where Barnabus Collins is concerned. She’s as crucial to the Dark Shadows storyline as the vampire is.

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In the original series we meet Angelique when she arrives in Collinsport as the maid of Josette DuPres, Barnabus Collins’ fiancé. No one knows that Angelique and Barnabus have had an affair. Unfortunately for Angelique, Barnabus is truly in love with Josette.

Of course we want to know more about this mysterious witch. How did she come to practice the black arts? Since the original Dark Shadows series used time travel extensively in the story line, Angelique’s backstory depends on what century it was. Things get complicated when you’ve lived during the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and now 21st century.

Angelique and Barnabas: We’re So in Love

Angelique Bouchard’s Backstory

 Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series (Deluxe Edition)

Here’s one version. Angelique was born in Martinique. During her teen years she became a follower of the warlock Judah Zachary. Eventually the pair was exposed, and Angelique betrayed Judah in exchange for her life.

In Lara Parker’s book, Dark Shadows: Angelique’s Descent, we get a lot more detail. Since Parker played Angelique Bouchard in the original series for five years, she’s totally qualified to tell her character’s story . . . and it is quite a story. Without giving it away, let’s just say that Angelique has had more than a passing acquaintance with the dark side since early childhood.

Although Barnabus is quite a sympathetic character, leave a tiny bit of room in your heart for the twice-wronged Angelique. After all, she was just a poor servant girl that was toyed with by a boy from the upper classes only to be tossed aside for someone with more money . . . at least that’s how she sees it.

Dark Shadows Timelines

Now that we have the backstory, it’s easy to see what went wrong. Never cross a witch unless you want to become one of the undead — forever. Regrettably, Angelique Bouchard’s torment of Barnabus doesn’t end there. She follows him through the ages tormenting him and the Collins family at every turn.

In an alternate story line — remember there’s lots of that going on in Dark Shadows — Angelique is actually a member of the Collins family – married to Barnabus! In yet another timeline she’s renamed Cassandra Blair and married to Roger Collins. The girl does get around, and she definitely has a thing for the Collins men.



There are too many twists and turns to Angelique’s very long life to list here. The only way to get her full story is to watch the original series which is thankfully now available in a complete DVD set. There’s been a resurgence in interest with the Johnny Depp movie so don’t take too long – time does not behave normally where Dark Shadows is concerned.

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