Cute Baby Costumes for Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time for new parents, as they dress their baby up for the first time to celebrate Halloween. We’ve collected cute, unique, and fun baby costumes to ensure this holiday is just perfect. Your baby will be the center of attention in one of these precious costumes.

(photo courtesy of Amazon)

(photo courtesy of Amazon)

Located below are some of the cutest I’ve seen, ranging from dragons, lions, and yes, even a lobster baby costume. You have dozens to choose from and it’s tough to make up your mind when each one is so adorable.

Let’s start with THINGS WITH WINGS (birds, bees, dragons). The costumes below come in a variety of infant sizes. Which is your favorite? The peacock, the chicken, the dragonfly, the dragon, or the bumble bee?

 Princess Paradise Baby Peacock InCharacter Baby Chicken Costume, White, Small InCharacter Costumes Baby’s Dinky Dragonfly Costume InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume InCharacter Costumes Baby’s Lil’ Stinger Bee Costume

The peacock baby costume is so colorful and an amazing look for baby. If you want the legs covered, just add some warm tights. Think of the number of hours it would take for you to make this costume. Well worth ordering from Amazon.
The duck baby costume is adorable with those orange duck feet.
The dragonfly baby costume has big eyes, a shiny tummy and wings. What a cute look for Halloween.
The dragon baby outfit not only has a tail, but googley eyes, and nice white teeth.
The bumble bee costume has the perfect roly-poly baby shape. Everyone will love it. If you want to coordinate the parent’s costume, it’s easy to make a bumble bee costume or buy one for adults.

This batch of cute baby costumes fit the theme, FROM THE SEA. So we have a lobster costume, an octopus, a penguin, a goldfish, and a frog. They are cute as a button and your baby will be the hit of the Halloween costume parade, party, or trick-or-treat outing. You can dress in a complementary costume like a mermaid, a pirate, or a shark to go with your little cutie.

 Lil Lobster Costume – Infant Large Tiny Tentacles Costume – Infant Medium Lil’ Penguin Costume – Infant Small Giggly Goldfish Costume – Infant Large Lil Froggy Costume – Infant Small

I love the penguin costume. What a character. Your little one will keep snug in this costume even if Halloween night is frosty and chill. I’m just imagining the family photos you’re going to take of your baby in one of these adorable costumes! Check back, as I’ll be adding some more cute baby costumes.

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