Costumes for Protest Rallies and Marches

Wearing t-shirts with slogans and carrying a sign is the basic look for a rally, but if you really want your message to stand out at a protest, try wearing a costume. Who can forget the scene at the Democracy Spring protests in 2016, when uniformed policemen handcuffed Lady Liberty?

A photo by Alejandro Alvarez that was widely circulated in Bernie Sanders Facebook groups.

A photo by Alejandro Alvarez that was widely circulated on Facebook.

If you want your own Statue of Liberty costume for an upcoming march or protest, you can order one through Amazon. If you have the Prime membership, it will be delivered in two days.

In the past, the Tea Party adopted Betsy Ross and Paul Revere type outfits for their tax protests. Therefore, progressives may want to look for other American icons or get creative in calling attention to their cause.

If you are protesting Donald Trump’s policies and actions, then how about a Trump mask and a suit that looks like it is made of money? Make it clear with your sign that you are protesting against Trump and against big money in politics, not for him.

Click on either photo to read more details about the Big Money costume and the Trump mask.

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Start thinking about the issue you want to highlight and what it would look like visually. If you are protesting prisons-for-profit, how about a prisoner costume with a ball and chain. For environmental issues, dress up as a bear or a tree. To protest the Trumpcare bill or the Repeal & Replace, you could wear a grim reaper costume. Add some appropriate signs for each issue and you will draw a lot of attention to your cause.

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If you are marching about women’s issues, you can accent your normal attire with a pink knit beanie cap. These are called “pussy hats” as a slam at a vulgar remark Trump made about women. For someone wanting to make a really bold statement, go for the ladyparts costume shown below. Get all your friends to wear the pink knit caps and to carry signs. You will be a star at the protest with everyone wanting to take your picture.

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A recent protest at a state legislature featured women in the cape and a medieval white cap like The Handmaid’s Tale. This was to call attention to the subjugation of women through laws.

A recent protest in New York drew attention when the protesters wore nude body suits, a red presidential tie, and a Trump blonde wig. They rode bikes with signs attached saying “The Emperor has no clothes.” Here’s more of the story.

Costumed protesters are more likely to get photographed by fellow marchers or people observing the protest. These photos get posted on social media and carry your message far and wide with the speed of the Internet. It might even get your cause featured on the evening television news or in your local newspaper.

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