Consumer Reports: Best Technology Gifts

Check out the products featured in this article. They are all on the Consumer Reports list of the best electronics and technology gifts! McLac2000 / Pixabay

Does someone in your family love gadgets and technology gifts? Are you looking for some new tech ideas for yourself?

“Consumer Reports” magazine has released their list of electronics and technology ideas for the “gadget geek.” If that describes you or someone you know, then you will want to be sure to check out their recommendations.

While many catalog companies publish a list of their favorite gift ideas, “Consumer Reports” has an excellent reputation for testing and investigating every item before it shows up on their lists. In addition, they do not sell the items themselves, so their recommendations are unbiased.

When you purchase an item on a “Consumer Reports” list, you can be confident that their testers felt that it was the best product of that type available. While no electronics or technology items will last forever and never need to be repaired, at least you will know the products featured in this article are the best of their kind.

Below are their recommendations. If you want to learn more about any items featured here, click on the photo of that product and you will be taken to its Amazon page where you can read the reviews, see more photographs, and review the specifications. You will notice that the prices for these tech products range from under $40 to over $1200. There is sure to be something for every gadget lover on your shopping list.

If you want to check out the competitors (which is always a good idea), feel free to use the Amazon search boxes under the featured products to look for any other item that interests you. Make sure you read the online and Amazon reviews of those items, too, before making a final decision.

More Great Tech Gifts

Below are the last few items on the “Consumer Reports” list. In addition, I have included a link to the their top choice in lithium batteries … since so many gadget lovers need to keep an assortment of these batteries on hand, as well.

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