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Are you shopping for a gift basket for someone? They will love the selections below! HebiFot / Pixabay

Consumer Reports researches a wide variety of products … from automobiles to small kitchen appliances. One of the items they recently tested were gift baskets.

The testers did their shopping from 20 of the top rated gift-basket companies. They wanted to see if the baskets contained the advertised variety of treats, as well as whether or not they were the types of items that recipients were most eager to receive.

Before I show you the specific gift basket companies they selected, it turned out that the items people most wanted included in the baskets were fresh fruit, chocolate, cheese and wine.

The companies that the testers believed had the best offerings of those they tested were:

Golden State Fruit
Harry & David
Gift Tree
Wine Country

Below are examples of some of the the types of baskets the testers liked. If you have a foodie on your shopping list, one of these might be the perfect gift. If you want to see more details about the chosen baskets, tap or click on the photo to be taken to its Amazon page, where you will also be able to read the reviews. To look for more choices, use the Amazon search box below the featured products.

None of the baskets were perfect, but the ones from the companies listed above pleased the testers the most. When reading the pros and cons of each basket, the testers seemed most pleased with the fruit, particularly when the baskets contained oranges. The item they seemed to question the most was the quality of some of the wines. If you or the gift recipient is a wine connoisseur, I suggest that you purchase wine that is not part of a pre-made basket. However, if you are satisfied with wines that they considered good, but not excellent, then the pre-made baskets that contain wine might be satisfactory.

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