Coach Handbags and Wallets for Women

Are you looking for an elegant purse to give yourself or a woman in your life? For decades, Coach has made gorgeous, stylish handbags and wallets for women.

When one of our daughters was in college, she worked at a high-end department store that carried Coach handbags. The first wallet she ever purchased with her own money was made by Coach. She used that wallet for nearly a decade.

In addition to being beautiful and stylish, Coach wallets and purses are very well-made and durable.

Below you will find two collections of Coach purses and wallets for women. If you want to see other color and style options, use the Amazon search box below one of the collections to browse through other selections.

Coach Purses for Women

A Coach purse is a statement bag. They are available in both subtle and bold colors in a variety of designs, including their signature styles. Many of them are also available in a range of sizes. You can click on the pictures of the featured handbags to see more photos of the handbags.

Check out these popular designs of Coach purses below.

Coach Wallets for Women

In addition to the Coach handbags above, you may also want to find a Coach wallet in either a matching or contrasting design. Their wallets are beautiful and durable, so they make a practical gift.

Check out the designs below. Click on the pictures if you want to see more pictures, including the insides of the wallets. Use the Amazon search box at the bottom, if you want to look for other designs.

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