Cinnamon Hair Lightening – Spicely Organics Powder

Natural Cinnamon Hair Lightening – Spicely Organics Powder

Natural cinnamon hair lightening with Spicely Organics cinnamon powder works for men and women who want organic hair lightening without strong peroxide. Men and women who have experience with using cinnamon for hair lightening say that the spice works. This is one way that people can change the color of their hair without using a lot of peroxide to bleach the strands.


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Cinnamon hair lightening


Cinnamon Hair Lightening – Spicely Organics Powder- Concentrated Peroxide Alternative

If you are allergic to some of the chemicals that are used to dye hair, cinnamon for lightening hair may be an option for you. There are several methods of using cinnamon for natural hair lightening but this is the most popular one.

Hair Lightening With Cinnamon – Add Highlights Naturally

Mix cinnamon for hair lightening with your favorite conditioner and apply the mixture to the tresses that you want to lighten. Leave it on overnight. You can cover your hair with a shower cap to protect your clothing. Rinse it out in the morning.

Natural Cinnamon Hair Lightening Side Effects

If you have really sensitive skin, you should be careful with using cinnamon for lightening hair. It has a constituent, cinnamic aldehyde, which can irritate the skin.

Apart from cinnamon for hair lightening, cinnamon is useful in other ways. It is one of the medicinal herbs that help with joint pain. Also note that cinnamon does contain a small amount of peroxide, so it is not completely free of that. In fact, it’s the peroxide in cinnamon that makes it good for lightening hair.

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