Christmas Cookie Cutters

Christmas Cookie Cutters2

Christmas cookies has been a Christmas tradition since the 1500s.  The first Christmas cookies were “speculaas” or the first type of gingerbread.  They were made of breadcrumbs, honey and spices.  They came to be associated with the holidays because they were baked to be used as decorations.  Christmas cookies today are still used by some as decorations and tied on Christmas trees, presents, or used to accompany a gingerbread house.  Christmas cookies are made in many different flavors, including butter, ginger, chocolate, butterscotch, plain sugar and many more.

Baking and decorating Christmas Cookies is a family activity that can involve the whole family.  Some even have extended family gatherings to cook dozens of cookies for all to share.  Children love to have cookie decorating parties, and they are lots of fun!  Just bake a few dozen cookies and different shapes, make some colored icing and buy an assortment of decorations.  Instant party!

Below I have gathered together the very best Christmas cookie cutters.  If you don’t have the Christmas cookie tradition in your house already, it’s time to start one!


Wilton Christmas Tree Comfort Grip Stainless Steel Cookie CutterWilton Snowflake Comfort Grip Cookie CutterWilton 2308-3270 2-Piece Christmas Santa Face Cookie Cutter SetSantas Reindeer Face Christmas Cookie CutterWilton Candy CaneWilton Gingerbread Boy Cookie CutterWilton Snowman Stainless Cookie CutterWilton Comfort Grip Star CutterR&M Stocking 4.5Wilton Bell Cookie Cutter – Yellow


This video outlines 6 really easy designs for Christmas cookies

that look professionally made!

Check it out!


If you prefer to buy your cookie cutters in sets, there are lots of great ones!  However, many times when you buy sets, the overall size of the cutter may be smaller than when you buy them individually, so make sure you check out the dimensions!


WILTON Grippy Cookie Cutter Set Of 6Set of 8 Christmas Themed Cookie CuttersWilton Holiday 6-Piece Mini Metal Cutter SetFox Run 17 Piece Nativity Cookie Cutter Bake SetR & M Holiday 12 Piece Cookie Cutter SetR & M 8-Piece Snowflake Cookie Cutter Set


In the 1800s,

Pennsylvania Dutch made extra large cut out cookies

and hung them as window decorations



 This is one of my favorite Christmas Cookies, it is a set of cookie cutters that go from large to small.  You frost them and stack them, gluing them together with icing, and it makes a Christmas tree.  Then you get to decorate it!  This is a great activity for siblings to take part in, you can even make it a contest!


Wilton Cookie Tree Cutter Kit

Last but not least in my choice for the best Christmas Cookie Cutters is a couple of new ones that I purchased only last year.  I absolutely love the ugly Christmas sweater craze, and when I saw this sweater cookie cutter, I knew I had to have it.  What could be more fun than decorating an ugly Christmas sweater cookie?  Then I saw the hat and mitten cookie cutters and I knew that it would go perfectly with the sweater cookies!  We had so much fun decorating these last year!


Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie CutterStocking Cap, Hat, Beanie Cookie CutterOld River Road Mitten Cookie Cutter

This video has some awesome ideas and techniques

for decorating your sweaters, hats and mittens!



Merry Christmas

from my family to yours!

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