Cheap Ring Bearer Pillows

ring bearer pictureYou may be working on a budget and need to find cheap ring bearer pillows but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be beautiful. If you search carefully you can easily find pillows for the ring bearer to carry that will match the theme of your wedding and not break your budget.

This Wilton Graceful Wedding Day Collection Ring Bearer Pillow is one of my favorites. It’s pretty and class and would go well in many wedding themes and it is less than $20! It’s very similar to the ring bearer pillow that I used for my own wedding and I still have that pillow!

CLICK HERE to get this gorgeous ring bearer pillow now or check out some of these ring bearer pillows that are $10 or less, $15 or less, and $20 or less and find something you love! I love that you can get something cute and attractive – something that will fit the theme of your wedding – no matter what your budget is.

Cheap Ring Bearer Pillows $10 or Less

I have a friend who was having a very small wedding. It was just family and friends and it was held in a little country church. She didn’t want to skimp out on details but the whole reason she had a small wedding was because they wanted to keep wedding costs as minimal as possible so that they could spend more money on the honeymoon! Duh – that totally makes sense right?

So, they decorated the church for the wedding but they stuck with simple things – wild flowers, lilacs that grew in her family’s yard, and clips of ivy that grew wild all over the place. She had one bridesmaid and he had one groom. And the ring bearer pillow, like the second from the left, was inexpensive but a perfect match with her dress.

Cheap Ring Bearer Pillows $15 or Less

Sometimes when you want just a little bit of extra style, you pay just a little bit more. You might want some color to match with the groomsmen’s cumerbunds or to match the flowers in their lapels. You might want some stitching or pearls or maybe a little satin. Little details like this are great because they make thing unique. You can get that uniqueness by pay just a tad more and still stick to the budget you planned for.

Cheap Ring Bearer Pillows $20 or Less

These $20 pillow are just gorgeous. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the detailing. Some use color while others are using lace or jewels to accent them. The Cathy’s Concept pillow, second from the end is perfect for an old fashioned wedding. But I have to confess that it is the blue one that I like the best. I would have loved something like this to go with all the silver accents at my wedding. Too bad I didn’t find it earlier hey?



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