Cheap Board Books for Preschoolers

Board books for preschoolers have bright colors and cute animals. They are an excellent way to get your child ready for school. geralt / Pixabay

If you are an adult who loves to read, your preschoolers will want to have books of their own from a very early age. Since traditional books with paper pages are too fragile for the average young child to handle, board books are the perfect choice.

Children derive tremendous benefit from having parents who read to them. Research has shown that the more parents read and talk to their children, the larger their vocabulary will be when they start school. This has been shown to translate to higher academic success throughout your lives.

Board books loosely fall into two categories, although there is a lot of overlap. The first category is made up of books that tell them a story. The other books are primarily educational. Of course, a good book will manage to achieve both!

Board Books that are Fun Stories

Our children loved their board books when they were preschoolers. They would carry them everywhere and pretend to read them. In fact, once we had read the books to them a few times, our children had their short books memorized. Therefore, they really did believe they were reading the stories as they turned the pages. They loved the short stories we read to them. While it was a few more years before any of our daughters could actually read, these board books were the first step in helping to give them a love of reading that would last them into adulthood.

Educational Board Books are Fun, Too!

You can also use board books to teach your children their alphabet, colors, the sounds animals make, manners and so much more! Preschoolers love the bright colors and pictures on the board books, and they are constantly learning new things.

Even though these books are educational, your children will beg you to read these books to them over and over again! You will probably be tired of them before they are … but you will be amazed at how quickly they will memorize the information in these adorable books!

If you haven’t seen a book you want here, you can use the Amazon search boxes below the collections to look for more board books for preschoolers.

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