Cat Not Grooming And Losing Weight

When a cat is not grooming and is losing weight, the best thing to do is see their vet as soon as possible. Cats that are healthy tend to groom themselves regularly. When a cat does not groom itself, it is because something is wrong. They may be in too much pain to groom themselves.

If your cat is losing weight and not grooming themselves, they may be ill. Apart from helping your cat look their best, grooming helps to stimulate their circulatory system. If they do not groom themselves regularly, this could prevent their circulatory system from working optimally.



You may have noticed signs that your cat is not grooming regularly as it started getting older. In some cases, older cats have arthritis. Arthritis in cats causes painful joints which then makes it harder for your cat to move the way they want to. They may groom themselves less frequently as a result or make certain movements less often.

You can help an elderly cat by using a grooming brush to get their coat looking good again. If your cat is losing weight, your vet can help you to find out exactly what is wrong.


Cat Not Grooming And Losing Weight

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In some cases your cat may need a change in diet. This can help them to live longer by eliminating some of the foods which may not have been a problem for them before but may be too dangerous for them because of illnesses they have developed.

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