Cat Canker Sore Remedy- Lysine For Feline Herpes Virus

A cat canker sore can cause discomfort to your feline. Just as with humans, these sores in the mouth can be treated with the help of supplement,s such as lysine. You should talk to your vet if you notice that your cat keeps on getting canker sores in their mouth over and over again.

Lysine is really important in the diet of both humans and cats. Unfortunately, people sometimes have their levels of this important nutrient fall. When this happens, they are more likely to have flare ups related to the herpes virus. The same thing happens in cats.


Cat Canker Sore Remedy- Lysine For Feline Herpes Virus

Cat Canker Sore Remedy- Lysine For Feline Herpes Virus


If your cat is not getting enough lysine, they are much more likely to suffer from cold sores. The good thing is that a cold sore in a cat with the herpes virus can easily be treated using lysine. In fact, just as with human beings, you can prevent your cat from getting cold sores in the future by supplementing their diet with lysine tablets specially formulated for cats.

Lysine generally helps with immune support. This means if your cat suffers from a chronic illness that weakens their immunity, it can help them to stay healthy. Talk to your vet about lysine and other natural supplements that will help to boost your cat’s recovery after surgery.

Unfortunately, feline herpes virus spreads through the air. That means even if your cat does not currently have it, they can get it by interacting with other cats. If it is hard to give your cat lysine tablets, you could give them lysine in a powder form instead.  That will keep them from getting sick and prevent cold sores from returning often.


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