Cat Accessories Checklist for New Owners


Cats are being adopted and taken to new homes every day. If you already have a feline in your home, there will not be much that you need to do. But if you are starting from scratch, then you will need to make some purchases before bringing your furry friend home.

Vet Check

Regardless of where you get your cat from, you should have him checked out by a vet first. This is especially important if you already have pets. If you are adopting from a shelter, chances they have already had a check done and tested for a variety of things and may include a complimentary check-up.   If you are adopting from someone else, you should get a check done and pay for it yourself.

Litter Box

One of the first things you need is a litter box as well as litter for your kitty. Even if they spend the first couple days hiding from you, they will still require the litter box. Make sure you show them where it is and they will likely take care of the rest. Be prepared to try a few different types of litter before you settle on one you like and they like.

This type of litterbox is great as you just have to roll it to the side and all the clumps go into the tray.  Pull out the tray, dump into a bag and you are done.

Easy clean litterbox






Unfortunately, when I adopted my cats, the above litterbox was not available so I got a regular one with a lid and door.  The door did not last long though.








When you bring your cat home, it may be best to keep them on the same food they were having before. This will help to alleviate any stomach issues when you first bring them home. Then you can look at changing them to new food gradually. You may go through a few different types of food before you find one that works. Don’t forget a bowl to put their food in and a bowl for water.


Your kitty needs a collar that you can put their tags on. If your cat is going outdoors, it is especially important so that they have their address in case they get lost. It may be worthwhile to get a chip implanted as well.


While many people let their animals roam lose in their car on vet trips, this is not a good idea. Your cat could crawl under your feet which could hamper your driving ability or walk on the dash and block your vision. If you slam on your brakes quickly, you could injure your pet as well. It is always best to travel with them in a carrier to keep them safe.

Basic carrier, hard sides, keeps kitty safe.  This one does have a top opening which may make loading kitty into it a bit easier.

Hard carrier






Soft sided, may not scare kitty as much.

soft carrier






Scratching Post

It is a fact of life that cats scratch. It is important for their nail health, so make sure to buy them a scratching post. It does not have to be big or fancy, but it should be taller than the cat will be long when full grown.

Sometimes you may want more than one.  I keep one for the cats on my upper level, it is not near a window but that is fine.  It still allows them to stretch out and scratch when we are hanging out upstairs.

Scratching post






If you have windows, its a good idea to get the cats a tree that they can sit on and look out the windows.  Cats are curious creatures and this will keep them happy.  I have one similar to this that has done very well for me over the years.

Cat Tree






Grooming Supplies

When bringing your cat home, you will want to have some accessories for grooming. There are many different brushes that you can buy – make sure you buy one that is appropriate for your cats coat. It is a good idea to buy nail clippers, although you can use a set of human clippers as well on their claws.

The Furminator is a great option if your cat has a lot of fur.  I regularly get good sized hairballs off my one cat.  And less fur on them means less hair ball puke.








Have a few toys for kitty to play with at the beginning. Do not spend a lot of money as you do not know what they may or may not like, and you could waste a lot of money. While variety is good, you do not need to go broke playing with it. Cats also like home made toys such as a ball of aluminum foil or a cardboard box.


Having treats for your cat can be a great helper when training. This is especially important if you bring home a kitten that needs to be trained to use the litter box or the scratching post, as you can reward them when they use it properly.

This is just a basic list and you may find more things that you require. The age and breed of your cat may also have an impact on what you need, as a short hair cat will not need brushing as much as a long hair. The most important thing you can do is be patient with your new pet and give them time to adjust and then give them love.

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