Carpeted Trees for Bigger Cats

Are you looking for carpeted trees for bigger cats? If your kitty is overweight, forget about the ones with small platforms and hideaways. They’re made for kittens and small to average-sized cats. Look for cat condos with large platforms, roomy hammocks, and openings that will accommodate larger kitties. It’s a wise idea no matter your kitty’s current size. He or she might eventually need the biggest cat condo available.

Why Carpeted Trees for Bigger Cats are Also Ideal for Kittens

My kitty was slim to average before reaching adulthood. Middle-aged spread set in shortly after he was neutered. Cat trees with small openings wouldn’t work for him. My cat probably wouldn’t fit, but even if he did, he wouldn’t be comfortable in a small carpeted enclosure. Most just aren’t made for bigger cats. Consider the following carpeted condos for larger cats instead of buying one that won’t meet his or her needs.

Pay Close Attention to Dimensions and Height

When seeking carpeted trees for bigger cats, don’t settle for small openings and platforms. As you can see, furniture for large cats is available. The openings and platforms are considerably bigger. Kitty will be much more comfortable. Just be sure to pay attention to the dimensions instead of selecting one based on the photos alone since pictures can be deceiving.

Cat Trees are Typically Much Cheaper Online

Have you priced carpeted trees for bigger cats in brick and mortar stores? They’re hard to find, and they are usually way overpriced. Even smaller styles are far more expensive than those online. I started out looking at big-name pet stores, and I couldn’t believe the high prices. Yes, they’re already assembled in pet stores, but the size that I wanted wouldn’t fit in my car anyway. It was well worth buying online. Not only did I find a cat tree for a larger cat, but I also saved money, gas, and time.

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