Buy Alcoholics Anonymous Books at Home

Alcoholics Anonymous books like this one are available for sale, below. (Photo from Amazon)

Alcoholics Anonymous books like this one are available for sale, below. (Photo from Amazon)

It is not unusual for people to want to learn more about Alcoholics Anonymous from the privacy of their home. The best way to do that is to order and read Alcoholics Anonymous books.

Ideally, anyone who has a problem with alcohol should attend meetings of AA, where they can purchase the literature, meet recovering alcoholics and build up a support network of people who can help them recover, too.

However, in some cases people are embarrassed to go to their first meeting. They want to learn more about the program before they show up and meet strangers.

Another reason why people may wish to order Alcoholics Anonymous books online is because they love someone who has an alcoholism problem. Those people want to read more about how to get help for their loved one.

The third reason to order these books is because you want to give them to someone who either has an alcohol problem or loves someone with one. While this rarely works to change anyone’s behavior, every once in a while it does “plant a seed” in someone who never thought they had a difficulty controlling their alcohol intake.

Whatever reason you might have for ordering these books from home, below are some of the major books you will want to order first. The most important book you should order, and the first one most members read, is the “Big Book.” The first section of the book was written by the founders of AA … Bill W and Dr. Bob. The latter part of the book contains true stories of some of the original members of the program.

Books for Family Members

If the reason you want to learn more about alcoholism is because you or a friend loves someone who has a problem with alcohol, then you might find the Al-anon books helpful.

Al-anon is a program for people who love an alcoholic (or drug addict). It helps people learn how to improve their situation and, in some cases, even help their family members become sober.

Al-anon frequently suggests that its members get a copy of the AA “Big Book” and, in particular, read the chapter titled “To The Family.”

In addition, family members will find it helpful to read one of the books below. If the person with the drink problem is your spouse, I highly recommend the book, “The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage.”

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