Is Breakfast Skipping Healthy for Students?

Is breakfast skipping healthy if you are trying to lose weight or are studying? Students are sometime guilty of skipping breakfast when they need to make it to an early morning lecture on time. Similarly, people who are trying to lose weight may also be tempted to skip breakfast.

Is Breakfast Skipping Healthy? Consequences of Skipping a Morning Meal
There are several negative effects of skipping breakfast. These include:
Problems with memory
Problems with cognition and learning
Irritability and fluctuations in mood



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This type of habit is not beneficial to your body and may have an undesired impact on how well your brain works, whether you are studying or working. It actually compromises your health in ways that you may not have imagined. Even a warm cup of tea helps.


Is Breakfast Skipping Healthy for Students

Is Breakfast Skipping Healthy for Students


So, is breakfast skipping healthy? No, it isn’t. It can actually slow down your efforts to lose weight. It is also detrimental to your hormonal health.

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