Brand of a Small White Purse with Daffodils

Are you wondering the brand of a small white purse with daffodils on it? The flowers are white with yellow centers. I was wondering the same and found it online. Come to find out, it’s a popular designer crossbody handbag with white flowers. I consider the price good too, especially when considering the name. It’s eye-catching and absolutely gorgeous. Best of all, it’s perfect for spring.

What is the Brand Name of the Daffodil Crossbody Bag?

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. The designer of the daffodil bag is Dooney & Bourke. It’s the Dooney & Bourke Daffodil Becca CrossbodyI’m really not surprised. I recognized the style at first glance, but until I saw the signature logo, I wasn’t positive. After all, many try to replicate their style, but they’re rarely able to match let alone exceed their quality. They can’t fake real leather and high-quality stitching. Take a look at the details and features, and decide if it’s a must-have purse for your collection.

It’s a Lovely Purse for Spring and Summer

Dooney & Bourke is the Brand of a Small White Purse with Daffodils

  • Dimensions are H 4.75″ x W 1.75″ x L 8.25″
  • Durable fabric interior with zippered pocket
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Inside key hook







Now that you are aware of the brand of a small white purse with daffodils, keep in mind that it’s ideal for spring and summer. It’s really quite versatile too. Although it only has one extra interior pocket, it can be used to hold cash and a slim credit card organizer. The contents will be safely zipped away. It’s the perfect set for spring when bulb flowers are in full bloom. It’s feminine, vibrant, and exceptionally stylish.

It’s a Floral Spring Crossbody Bag That’s Ideal for Semi-Formal and Casual Use

The Dooney & Bourke Daffodil Becca Crossbody is ideal for everyday use as well as semi-formal occasions. It’s pretty and practical. More importantly, it’s very well made. Dooney & Bourke accessories cost more than your average handbags, but they’re anything but average. They look great, and they’re highly durable. If you love it, don’t hesitate to get this one. You deserve it, don’t you? It’s a way to express your love of beautiful spring flowers and your individual style. It’s more than just a pretty spring purse with white and yellow flowers. It’s absolutely beautiful!

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