Books about Bugs for Children and Teens

Spiders are just one of the types of insects that fascinate children. Ben_Kerckx / Pixabay

Do you have a child in your family who loves to dig up worms, chase butterflies or catch lightning bugs? Bugs fascinate both children and teens, and they often want to know more about them.

It is also important to educate our kids about bugs because, as we all know, not all insects are safe to handle. While you may have read “Charlotte’s Web” to your child and left them fascinated by every spider web they see, do you really want them to try to catch a spider … especially if they don’t know what kind it is?

Children need to know the difference between the bugs they can handle and the ones they should avoid.

Kids also have many questions about bugs and, unless you are an expert, you may struggle to answer them.

Below are two collections of books about bugs for kids. The first one is for younger children and the second one is for older children and teens. Check them out and see if one of these books will satisfy the curiosity of your child.

Bug Books Young Children will Lovestrong>

Younger children do not need or want to know the scientific names of the bugs or how they are classified.

Instead, they are satisfied learning a few facts about them, seeing drawings and knowing their common names. This first collection of books should delight them.

Bug Books for Older Children and Teens

Older children and teenagers are going to want to know much more about bugs than they can learn in the collection of books above. While those will answer the questions of a 3 to 8 year old, older children and teenagers will have more complex questions and want more detailed answers.

How long do the various types of bugs live? Are wasps and bees related? Why does the tail of a lightning bug light up? Are all spiders poisonous? These are just a few of the many questions they have and the books in the collection below will help them get answers to their questions.

In addition, older children often want to see actual pictures and photos of bugs, not just cute drawings. Any of the books below should meet their needs … and could be the basis of a fascinating science project!

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