Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman That Loves Chickens

Do you need unique birthday gift ideas for a woman that loves chickens? If she collects hens, roosters, and other barnyard birds, she would appreciate one or more of these presents. Since they are quirky chicken-themed gifts, she won’t likely already have them. They’re better choices than the usual hen figurines, stationery, and plaques since they’re completely unexpected.

Does She Love Bags and Purses?

If the chicken lover on your gift list loves bags and purses, how about a unique rubber chicken purse? You have to see the bag to believe it! It’s sure to garner lots of looks, second glances, smiles, and comments. It’s a great casual bag for shopping, luncheons, hoedowns, barn raisings, and other informal events. If you still need birthday gift ideas for a woman that loves chickens, how about a hen coin purse or a small zippered pouch? You could also assemble a chicken themed gift basket in an oversized faux nest.

Gift Ideas for Chicken Collectors That Bake

Is she a chicken collector that loves to cook and/or bake? How about a set of unique hen measuring cups? Even if she already has a set of basic dry measuring cups, she doesn’t likely have these. Not only are they useful, but they’re also decorative. They’re ideal when decorating a kitchen in a chicken theme.

How about Cute Chicken Tees?

Anyone that loves chickens must have chicken tees with cute sayings and other hen-themed clothing. Search for funny, cute, and unique chicken t-shirts. You’ll find a wide variety of colors and designs. Some are clever while others are highly detailed and beautiful. Select a tee according to the wearer’s personality and style. If she has a good sense of humor she’ll love the funny ones.

Chickenware and Other Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman That Loves Chickens

If you haven’t heard of chickenware, it’s because I made it up. At least, I think I did! Who knows? I’m probably not the first person to coin the word. Either way, it’s cookware, bakeware, plates, and barnyard platters. You’ll find plates, gravy terrines, and all sorts of hen-themed kitchen items. These are all unique birthday gift ideas for a woman that loves chickens, but they’re ideal for almost any occasion.

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