Benefits of Hair Follicle Test Analysis

Hair follicle test analysis is a kind of analysis that is one using hair from the neck (back side neck). The hair is then sent to laboratory for testing the minerals in the body. Some country refers this test as mineralograms. This single test can reveal a lot of information about the multiple elements in a person’s body. The test is majorly performed by the nutrition consultant and physicians who perform chelation therapy.

Hair Follicle Test

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There are times when you can feel that you are not fine. All the symptoms such as headaches, dizziness in body and the blurry visions are pointing out some problem but your doctor can’t make out the exact problem.

Hair follicle test analysis is a simple method to determine what is not right in your body and what is going inside your body. Hair analysis test is quite simple ad easy. You don’t need to a pathology and give your blood for the test, no urine test etc. Just few hair strands from the backside of the neck will help you to find the exact reason for the disease in your body.

Our body is made up of protein of various kinds, so the protein that is fund in the hair contains composition of the body tissue permanently. This makes hair testing in forensic medicine a good method to find clues.

Hair analysis test also helps the nutritionist to analyze toxins and nutrients in the body. A well trained nutritionist can easily make out what are the toxins that have been accumulated in the body and harming the body. They can also easily make out the deficiency of any kind of mineral and nutrition in the body. On the basis of hair analysis test the nutritionist can start giving treatment to the patient.

Hair analysis test also tell you about the toxins available in your body. A person is exposed to approx. 14000 food chemicals daily. This test can tell you about the minerals that are depleting from your body and the toxin levels harming your body

Hair analysis test are the best in marking the root cause of the treatment.

If any of the above mentioned disease persists in your body you must surely go for a hair follicle test analysis and find out the exact reason of disease in your body. This test is pain free and also not very costly. The test report also provides you some remedies to cure the dieses that persist.

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