Beautiful Thanksgiving Turkey Platters

Below you will find an assortment of beautiful turkey platters to enhance your celebration. PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

What platter do you plan to use to serve your Thanksgiving turkey? Many people try to use the platter that came with their regular set of dishes. While these platters are fine for a chicken, pot roast or platter of steaks, often they simply are not large enough for a turkey.

Before serving your turkey, you have a few decisions to make:

* Are you going to serve the turkey whole and have it carved at the table?

* Are you going to carve the turkey in the kitchen and place serving size slices on a platter?

* Are you going to have separate platters for the light meat and dark meat?

Once you have the answers to those questions, you will have a better idea what type of turkey platter you need.

If you are going to serve your turkey whole, you will need a large, sturdy platter that will handle the size turkey you normally purchase. If you serve one that is more than 15 pounds, you want to be particularly sure that your platter will be able to handle it.

If you are going to carve the turkey in the kitchen and serve slices of it on a platter, you will still need a large platter, but probably not as large as you would need to handle the entire turkey.

If you decide to separate the turkey slices onto two platters then, of course, you will need two matching platters, but they can be substantially smaller than the platters necessary to serve all the meat on one platter.

Below are a number of different turkey platters that should meet your needs. If you want to learn more about any of them, simply click inside the box for that platter and you will be taken to its Amazon page where you can learn more, see additional pictures and find out how large that specific platter is. You can also use the Amazon search boxes below or on Amazon to search for other choices.

More Turkey Platter Choices

In addition to the collection of turkey platters shown above, you may also be interested in the assortment of platters that are available below.

As you can see from these collections, you can choose from plain white or a variety of lovely patterns. The advantage of the plain white platters is that they can complement your other china, without conflicting with it. In addition, the completely plain platter in the collection below can be used for other special occasions.

These collections also include platters from Spode, Lenox, Martha Stewart, Royal Stafford and other designers. If you find a design that goes well with your current fine china, that could be your best choice.

Below you will find additional examples.

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