Baby Gift Baskets for New Moms

Giving a new mom a gift basket full of goodies is a fun way to celebrate the birth of a newborn. TawnyNina / Pixabay

What should you get a new mom? A lot depends whether or not this is her first child or she already has one or more older children. You need to consider whether you only want to give a gift for the baby or you also want to have little items that the other kids can enjoy, too.

Gift Ideas for New Moms

If this gift is for a first-time mother, she is likely to need everything! For example, she may need bottles, formula, baby shampoo, soft wash cloths, baby towels, bath toys, t-shirts and other items.

You can either go to the store yourself, collect the items and put them in a basket, or you can buy a set of items that have already been put together for you, like the gift baskets in this article.

Below are several examples of gift baskets that could work for first-time mothers. Notice that one of the baskets is blue, for a little boy, and another one is pink, for a little girl. All of the baskets contain gentle products that are designed for a newborn baby. However, if the mother wants to use particularly gentle, natural products, you may want to consider the gift box from Burt’s Bees.

Gifts for Moms Who Already Have Children

If the mother already has children, especially young ones, her needs will be different, depending on her situation. For example, if she already has a son but is now expecting a daughter, she may want one of the baskets full of pretty pink things. The opposite is true if she is expecting a boy.

She will probably still want a fresh, new set of baby shampoos and similar products, but she will not necessary need more t-shirts and baby towels.

However, it could be thoughtful to include a toy or two for an older child, so they do not feel left out. Parents appreciate it when their friends try to help minimize the jealous feelings that the older child is likely to experience. Several of the gift baskets shown below contain several toys … some of which could be shared with an older child. Then they will not feel left out when they see this huge basket arrive at their home!

Below are several baby gift baskets that would work for a mom with older children. If you know she has specific items she needs, you could always tuck them into the basket before you give it to her.

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