Avon Collectible Steins

Complete Your Set of Avon Collectible Beer Steins

Back in the 1970s, Avon released a series of collectible beer steins. The detail and quality of each stein makes a very attractive beer mug and collectors prized them. Over the years, they’ve released new themes and these have been popular too.  

If you have a few of these Avon collectible steins, you’ll want to add to your selection. They make a great display on a shelf above your home bar or in a china cabinet. Here are some for you to choose the ones you need to fill out your matched set or to get one of each design.

Handcrafted Avon Tall Ships Stein Brigantine Bark Staysail Schooner 1977Handcrafted Avon Tall Ships Stein Brigantine Bark Staysail Schooner 1977Check Price


Some people keep them just for show, but others use them whenever they have a beer. If you have enough of them, invite your best pals and neighbors over for an Octoberfest. Stock in a selection of German beers, get out the beer steins and have a great party. Everyone will be so impressed with the beautiful German style steins and will want to start their own collection of these. 

(photo courtesy of Amazon and the item is sold on the page below)

Avon Country Western Music SteinAvon Country Western Music SteinCheck PriceAVON Beer Stein c1982 Automobiles of the WorldAVON Beer Stein c1982 Automobiles of the WorldCheck PriceAvon Cattle Drive Stein. 1980 (Ceramarte)Avon Cattle Drive Stein. 1980 (Ceramarte)Check PriceAvon Stein Mug Endangered Animals Panda (1991)Avon Stein Mug Endangered Animals Panda (1991)Check PriceAvon Gold Rush SteinAvon Gold Rush SteinCheck Price


4 Tips for Collectors of Avon Beer Steins

  1. The first Avon beer steins were made in 1976.
  2. Limited production Avon beer steins have a serial number imprinted on the bottom of the stein.
  3. If the stein is still in the original box or packaging, it will be worth more.
  4. Avon beer steins generally included a certificate of authority when first made. There is more value if your stein still has this certificate.

Avon Beer Stein: American Firefighters (1989)Avon Beer Stein: American Firefighters (1989)Check PriceAvon American Animal Stein with boxAvon American Animal Stein with boxCheck Price


Learn More about Collecting Avon Beer Steins

The featured Avon collectible steins shown above are sold on Amazon by individual sellers. For the used and collectible listings, I recommend reading the details for each seller. Are there any flaws in the stein? Does it have the original box? Look at the description to see what you’re getting for your money. The cheapest one is not always the best buy.

Here’s a selection of collectible Avon steins with a sports theme. You can decide what series really appeals to you and specialize in those. Maybe you want to collect history topics or animals.

Avon Great American Baseball Ceramic SteinAvon Great American Baseball Ceramic SteinCheck Price19931993Check Price1983 Avon Football Beer Stein,1983 Avon Football Beer Stein,Check PriceBabe RuthBabe RuthCheck Price


If you’re wondering how a beer stein is made, I found a video on YouTube that shows the process. Fascinating.

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