Are Air Fryers Any Good?

Fried FoodYou would love to cook healthier meals for your family. But, you would also love to free yourself from the kitchen with more time for your kids or your other leisurely pursuits in life.

If you can cook healthier meals fast as well as hassle-free and with minimum clean up, then you’ll achieve just that. And your helper is the fabulous healthy hot air fryer for home use.

What Is An Air Fryer?

The air fryer is a compact multi cooker that cooks using rapidly moving hot air. There is a heating element to heat up the air which is then blown around rapidly inside the cooking chamber of the airfryer with the help of a fan.

It is somewhat like a mini convection oven. But it is more economical and cooks faster than the oven.

There are many brands of air fryers in the market and choosing the best one for your needs can be intimidating if you are new to this air frying machine.

Cooking Capacity

Air fryers come in a few different cooking capacities. For example, you have a choice of the smaller size 1.8 pound cooking capacity Philips air fryer, the 2.2 pound Tefal Actifry multi cooker or the 3.2 pound Avalon Bay air fryer.

Shape Of Cooking Basket

The Tefal Actifry has a round doughnut-like shape for its cooking bowl. There is a stirring paddle attached right in the center of the cooking bowl.

The majority of air fryers have a round shape cooking basket such as the Philips airfryer or the Avalon Bay air fryer.

The shape and size of the food basket does affect the types of food that you can cook inside the air fryer.

Ease Of Use

The home hot air fryer is simple to use. It comes with 2 adjustable buttons, the timer and temperature control knob. Some come with pre programmed modes with time and temperature preset.

The air fryer is pretty much hands-free. You do not have to stand in front of the cooker throughout the entire cooking process.

You might need a few tries to get the perfect texture to suit your taste.

Some brands come with accessories included in the package whereas in another brand you’ll have to buy them separately.

No Oil Or Just A Tablespoon Of Oil

All frozen food stuff that you’ll normally bake in the oven can be cooked inside the air fryer and very much faster too. No extra oil is added.

For raw meat, no oil is added too. The meat cooks in its own fat. Extra fat (grease) drips down to the drip pan below the food basket. You’ll end up with a piece of crispy outside and moist inside chicken, beef steak etc.

Grilled vegetables or homemade French fries brown better with a tablespoon of oil added to them just before cooking.

So, to answer the question : “Are air fryers any good?” Yes, definitely yes. You can get more info at the Home Kitchen Fryer.

Here are some air fryer accessories to expand and enhance your cooking options. With these accessories and attachments, you can cook more of your favorite foods without excessive amount of unhealthy fats.

And here are some cookbooks to get you started on your hot air frying cooking experience.

Some of the air fryer packages come with a cookbook but most come without. However, this is no big deal as you can always google for recipes online. There are lots of them available.

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