Al-Anon Books for People Who Love Alcoholics

Alanon, Alateen and AA books are available below. (

Alanon, Alateen and AA books are available below. (

Do you love someone who abuses alcohol? That person could be your spouse, child, parent, brother, sister or a close friend. Nearly anyone can care about someone who has a problem with alcohol.

When this happens, it is usually not the alcoholic, but the people around them who are the first to notice that there is a problem. Sometimes they try an intervention or confront the person about their drinking. Other times, they suffer in silence, always hoping that the person will stop on their own.

No matter how you react to the alcoholic, you will benefit from having emotional support. It can make it much easier for you to cope with the situation and learn more effective ways of dealing with the alcoholic you love.

The first thing that could help you is to order some Al-Anon books. Al-Anon is an organization for the friends and family of alcoholics and/or drug addicts. Below is a collection of books that you could find helpful. If the alcoholic is your spouse, you will find the inexpensive book, “The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage,” especially helpful.

Finding the Help You Need in Al-Anon

In addition, it would be helpful for you to go to meetings of Al-Anon in your neighborhood. You can find the nearest meeting location by calling your local district office. It is usually listed in your your phone book or online under “Al-Anon Family Groups.”

There are many types of meetings, including discussion meetings, speaker meetings, and step studies. Try a variety until you find one that makes you feel comfortable. The program has a strong belief in anonymity, which means that your privacy will be protected. No one outside your meeting should ever know that you have been there, unless you tell them yourself.

Al-Anon also suggests that you attend open meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and read their literature, as well. In particular, it is recommended that Al-Anon members read the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous, particularly the chapter titled, “To The Family After.”

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