Affordable Wedding Ring Sets – Under $100

It is possible to find beautiful, durable and affordable wedding ring sets for under $100. LoveToTakePhotos / Pixabay

Many young couples are discouraged by the high price of engagement and wedding rings. Often they do not realize that they can find affordable wedding ring sets that are attractive, durable and can be worn with pride.

These are rings that could last for years. If your financial situation improves as time goes by, you may someday be able to replace them with wedding jewelry sets that are more valuable. Meanwhile, even if that never happens, any bride would still be pleased to wear the sets in this article.

Below are two collections of affordable wedding ring sets that are made from either Swarovski crystal, Cubic zirconia or similar synthetic stones. They are set in quality materials, including sterling silver that has been plated with platinum. See for yourself if you think one of these wedding band sets, which sell for under $100, would meet your needs … and still leave you with enough money to rent that first apartment together or cover your other wedding expenses. Many of them are less than $50 for the set.

Below are my personal favorites. If you don’t see a wedding ring set you love, use the Amazon search box below the collection to look for other options. Just enter “wedding ring sets under $100.” If you have a slightly higher price range, you can enter that, instead.

If you prefer yellow gold plated jewelry rather than platinum plated or sterling silver, the collection below might appeal to you. While two of these rings are a little more than the others in this article, they are very attractive and durable.

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