Adorable Halloween Animal Costumes for Kids

Your child will be cute and comfortable in one of the animal costumes shown below! EME / Pixabay

When our children were growing up, one of our daughters loved the white cat costume we got her one year for Halloween. She loved it so much, that she wore it four years in a row! Although the body of the costume no longer fit her the last couple of years, the furry cat hood fit just fine and, when combined with a white leotard and tights, she was very happy.

Many children adore their Halloween animal costumes. Not only are they perfect for the night of Halloween, but they can be worn other times for dress-up. When our daughter was about four years old, she loved to put on her cat costume and run around the house, meowing and pretending to be a cat.

As you will see in the ads at the end of this article, Halloween animal costumes often have the advantage that the hood covers most of the head … but not the face. This means that the children keep their heads warm on a chilly night, while still being able to see where they are going. Since most of the costumes cover their entire body, an animal costume is a great way to keep your “little monkey” comfy when it is cold outside.

With a little face paint, or even just a few “whiskers” drawn on with eyebrow pencil, your child can be comfortable and love the way they look.

Below are some of my favorite choices. If you want to check out other animal costumes that are available online, use the Amazon search boxes below the ads to enter the name of any animal costume you may hope to find.

Don’t forget that you can use face paint or just a little makeup you already have to complete the look. Here are a few more choices that you and your children might enjoy, too!

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