More Movies for Cold Weather Entertainment

More Movies For Cold Weather Entertainment

 Scary Home Viewing

Winter really is the time for home entertainment and nothing says ‘snuggled in for the night’ (unless you’re watching a thriller) than hanging out at home and enjoying a great movie. I’ve decided to suggest more movies for cold weather entertainment and showcase all my favourites so you’ll know which ones are worth the viewing. And that’s good to know! There’s nothing worse than getting in your comfy pants with a blanket or throw- and then have your viewing area all ready to go with snacks and a glass of wine or cocoa-  and the movie is a disappointment! Click to read my review of The Conjuring from the Daily Voice News.

Following are personal picks that I have watched and have appreciated and that I would at least give a 7/10 or up rating. I do like a well-done horror flick as long as it’s not gratuitously gory or too-too disturbing. However, be assured that the following movies are a good watch that will enthral you and that’s what movie-watching is all about. I will categorize them into easy groups so you can skip the entire category, if you please. But I will guarantee this- they are all previously viewed and enjoyed by me.

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Classic Horror

Real Classics

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